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Explanation for Price

Postage charges for abroad countries from India is too high for Merchandise, ( Non document goods). Health related products need Additional Drug Commissioner's No Objection Certificate in addition to other clearance documentations for each parcel(shipment).
For the best management of courier charge, we have added a big portion of the courier charge in the price of the product itself, which varies with number of units you buy, in most of the products. So the single unit price for the product looks high. That's why we have suggested discounts for more quantity of the same product, virtually for all products.
Example: Postage for 400 grams of parcel to Canada goes up to 28$ and for next 400 grams, it is just 7$ extra, though the actual cost of product may not be more than one dollar.
At the end of the purchase, again balance, fixed remainder part of courier charge will be added again. We can assure you that no Indian website can give you the same brand in the price, totally charged by us. If any website is giving free shipping or less shipping charges, the last landing cost to your doorstep (including product cost) will be higher than us.